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Grüner See (Green Lake) is a lake in Styria, AustriaIn the winter you’ll find crisp, tranquil grasslands and lake that is only about 3 to 6 feet deep.  However, during the spring, when the temperature rises and the snow melts, the basin of land below the mountains fills with water. The lake reaches its maximum depth of around 40 feet from mid-May to June and is claimed to look the most beautiful at this time.

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He had a point


DM: A car screams to a stop in front of you.  A bunch of gangers jump out and ask what you’re doing on their turf.

Street Sam: I pull my gun and start shooting.

DM: What?

Street Sam: That’s the way its going to go anyway, so lets just save time and get to it.

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So I’m trying to decide what to do for Halloween, and I have major artists in my family that can do this. What do y’all think?